VideoBuilder-Product Review

So...Why All the Fuss Over VideoBuilder?

  The answer is simple- After testing out a promotional copy of Videobuilder I can confidently say that Videobuilder is the only web based video animation and graphic program you will ever need. The intuitive interface allows you to easily navigate through all of the wonderful feature rich tools and menus. With just a small learning curve you will be able to create beautifully animated, fully customizable, professional, and engaging videos on the fly. I was completely amazed by the value, capabilities, and results of this software.  Best of all, you do not need any prior video animation or editing experience in order to create highly engaging video marketing campaigns for your business.

  ​This Easy to use App will help marketers, bloggers, and business owners create fully animated campaigns in the form of Explainer Videos, 3-D animated avatar Explainer Videos, Intro, Outro, and Lower Third videos. This App is 100% cloud based which makes it very convenient to use
no matter where you enjoy working.   

Special Features Re-Cap

Watch this Video to see VideoBuilder in action

Animated 3-D Avatar Technology

  ​VideoBuilder comes pre-loaded with a variety of life like 3-D animated avatars. Experience the avatars natural movement and Lip-Sync technology. The avatars mouths automatically adapt and move along with any audio file, language, accent, or text to speech option you choose. Best of all you no longer have to record with expensive microphones, cameras, or 3rd party platforms. All sounds and speech can be created with ease and exact syncopation with a few clicks of your mouse.   

Fully Customizable Video Platform


  ​VideoBuilder makes it easier than ever to produce your own creative and engaging videos. This app is pre-loaded with media library of hundreds of free images, videos, and music. It also boasts a fully customizable animated graphics pack,
3-D animated avatars, built in text effects, animations, and transitions. Along with the patented lip-sync technology VideoBuilder also has a text to speech engine that works in 47 different voices and accents along with 24 different languages. It also has green screen video capabilities for any additional images, videos or graphics you want to install.  ​​
  Although I found the VideoBuilder platform to be highly intuitive and user friendly there is still a learning curve as with any new software. Fortunately the learning curve for this software is quick and painless.

 If you are completely new to videoanimation I would highly recommend this platform. This platform is built around a simple and direct workflow. If you are interested in trying this software it should take you about 30-60 minutes to fully acclimate. 

If you want to learn more about VideoBuilder and how how it can benefit your business please take a look at this video.
  • Automated Smooth Animation
  • Graphics Animation
  • Customizable 3-D Avatars
  • 3-D Avatar Lip-Sync Technology
  • Text To Speech Engine
  • 47 Different Voices and Accents
  • 24 Languages
  • built in text effects, Animations, and Transitions
  • Green Screen Videos and backgrounds
  • Built in Media library with hundreds of free Images, videos and music
  • Fully Flexible Video Canvas
  • Hd Quality
  • Extremely Affordable at $37
  • Additional Upgrade Bundles Available

VideoBuilder will only be available for a 7 Day Launch, Don't miss out